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Neon Glow Foam Parties: The Complete Guide


What Exactly is a Neon Glow Foam Party?

A foam party can be a lot of fun. When you turn off the lights and turn up the glow, however, it becomes even more exciting! With a few simple tools, including Foamdaddy's UV glow additive and UV black light in addition to your foam machine and foam solution, you can light up the night and leave your guests dancing all night long.

Glow Foam Takes Any Party to the Next Level!

There's something special about a foam party under black light, taking your foam party to the next level! With UV glow additive and a UV black light, you can turn off the lights and turn up the fun on any event. Hosting a neon glow foam party is the perfect way to make your event more exciting, whether you're hosting a birthday party after dark or trying to ramp up excitement as part of a concert or event. Take a look at all the ways you can use foam glow additives to make your foam party glow brighter.

Neon Foam Parties for Any Event

Neon foam parties are perfect for almost any event! Below we've highlighted a few of our favorite types of parties and events that we've seen first hand are much more fun with neon foam.

Neon Foam Birthday Parties

Hosting an exciting birthday party has never been more fun! Dive into a neon glow foam pit and invite all your guests to play, dance, and sing the night away. Turn up the music, turn on the foam machines, and enjoy celebrating the birthday boy or girl.

Races and Competitions

If you're looking for a fun. themed race for a fundraiser or celebration, why not turn it into a neon foam glow race? Turn on the black lights and invite your runners to race through foam pits. You can even have your volunteers blow glow bubbles at the finish line! It's the perfect way to add a little something special to your race.

Glow Foam Concerts

If you want to turn the fun up a little more and make the event even more exciting, consider the benefits of turning your next concert into a neon foam glow party. While your attendees dance the night away, they can play with armfuls of foam, dance in glowing foam, and even bounce it into the air as they celebrate your sounds. Pick up some glow bubble solution to go along with your foam and let concert-goers make their own bubbles between rounds of singing along.

Graduation Celebrations

Graduation is always a special experience. Whether you have a child graduating from elementary school, high school, or college, make their graduation party one to remember! Break out the foam machines, add your foam solution and UV glow additive, and get ready to party with your graduate's friends and loved ones. A glow foam party will make it the must-attend event of the season!

Glow Foam Gender Reveals

Adding a little color to your foam could be the perfect way to reveal the gender of your baby on the way. FoamDaddy offers both pink and blue foam coloring, so you can send your favorite color shooting out of the foam machine to share your excitement with all your gathered friends and loved ones. If you want to make it a glow event, consider hiding gender announcement items in the foam and inviting guests to share once they've found them.

Get Your Neon Foam Party Started with FoamDaddy Today!

At FoamDaddy, we have everything you need to turn your next party or event into a neon glow foam party that everyone will be sure to remember. Feel free to explore tour selection of foam solution, glow additives, and foam machines –  they can turn your next event into something extra special!

If you have any questions about how to throw a foam party or what kind of supplies are best for your particular event, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for advice!


Image Credit: Muratart, shutterstock