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When you’re shopping with Foamdaddy, you already know that a high-quality foam machine and our signature solution are must-have products – but what about all of the extras that will take your foam fun to the next level? We carry an excellent selection of accessories for foam machines, so you can be confident that you have everything you need for a first-class foam party. Not sure which of the foam machine extras are right for you? Here’s a handy breakdown of Foamdaddy’s most popular and top-rated accessories.

UV Blacklight

With the UV blacklight, you can transform a standard foam party into a psychedelic, disco-inspired celebration that your guests will love! Designed to be paired with our UV foam additives for foam solution, each light provides a generous coverage area and adds an incredible glow. Perfect for after-dark foam parties or indoor festivities, the foam party UV blacklight is a low-cast accessory that makes a significant impact.


Want to elevate the foam party experience with trussing? Foamdaddy offers a conveniently portable trussing package that makes setup and breakdown fast and easy. Features include center-locking bolts for safety, as well as pre-drilled mounting holes for hassle-free installation.

Surge Protector

Avoid unexpected power supply issues with a surge protector, a necessity for any size or type of foam parties. You’ll benefit from full system control via remote, simplifying the management process, and keeping the foam fun going all day – or night! – long.

Foam Machine Pit

A foam machine pit helps contain the fluffy foam in one place. Still, it also creates a safe, soft area for guests to enjoy themselves, instead of worrying about where and how to set-up the machine, get a specially-designed foam party pit for the perfect solution.

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Foamdaddy is one of the nation’s top foam party retailers, providing everything you need to host your very own fabulous foam party. Whether you’re renting equipment or purchasing for repeat use, you can be confident that you’re investing in high-quality supplies and equipment. Our mission is to make foam fun accessible to everyone, which is why Foamdaddy offers such an extensive selection of options at affordable prices, available for nationwide delivery. Browse our top-selling foam machine accessories and extras below to choose the products you need to kick your foam party up a notch.