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Creates volumes of foam and is the only Foam gun on the market. Comes with 4 hours of solution (Consistent run time). Great for any event including pool parties.

Included with Foam Shooter Machine Rental:

  • Backpack Semi-Mobile Foam Shooter
  • 4 Hours of foam solution included
  • Shoot 13-15 Ft. 
  • Allows you move around your party as far as your hose goes. 50-100 ft recommended.
  • Battery operated, comes with two 30 minute batteries, takes 15 minutes to recharge each battery so you will never run out. 
  • Includes (1) submersible pump.
  • FREE UV Glow Sample (Green)

You will need to provide, hose, 5 gallon bucket with lid and 50 gallon drum/large garbage can.