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Party Foam Machine Cannon
Party Foam Machine Cannon

Industrial Jet Foam Cannon

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Industrial Jet Foam Cannon: This foam machine can shoot 120ft long and 30-40ft high. Comes with 4-5 hours of solution (Consistent run time). Can be used at any event large or small and including pool parties.

Industrial Jet Foam Cannon Machine Rental & Shipping

When renting a Foamdaddy foam machine, the process is seamless. We will ship the machine to your location before your event, arriving 2-3 days prior for testing and knowledge of operation. After your event you will pack the machine back onto the original pallet and Foamdaddy will set up shipping service for the machine to be pick up. Rental price includes shipping to and from your location. You will be responsible to provide the generator (see below for generator specs).    

  • 7.5 HP Motor

  • Submersible pump

  • 3 nozzle Spray system

  • 30 in Diameter, 7ft 8 in long/6 ft.2 long (without cone), 6.2 high

  • Weights 300 pounds

  • 230v 

  • Single phase


  • Can shoot 120 ft long and 30-40 ft high.

  • 4-5 hours of solution 

  • Cover shipping to and from you.

American Made

Generator Specs: Output-20KW/25KVA, Single Phase, 120/240 Voltage 

  • PLEASE NOTE: This does not include hose or mixing bucket for your foam solution. You will need to provide 50 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket with lid for storage and any standard garden hose.

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