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Foamdaddy Standard Foam Machine
Standard Foam Machine next to accessories
1 Gallon of FoamDaddy Gel Pack
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Standard Foam Machine

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Creates volumes of foam in an elevated position. Covers a 15ft x 15 sq ft area 3ft high. Comes with 4 hours of solution (Consistent run time). This is our Medium Foam Machine and is great for any event. Find a Dealer near you. 

Standard Foam Machine Rental & Shipping

When renting a Foamdaddy machine the process is seamless. We will ship the machine to your location before your event, arriving 2-3 days prior for testing and knowledge of the operation. After your event you will be required to drop the machine off at your local UPS shipping location by using the shipping label provided by Foamdaddy, you will need to print this shipping label from your email.

  • We offer the chance to purchase your machine after your Rental for $264. Just let us know. 

Included with Standard Foam Machine Rental:

  • Includes (1) Submersible pump
  • 12 amp Motor
  • 1 gallon of GEL solution (4 hours). 

Standard Foam Machine Specifications:

  • 21in x 8in x 8in
  • 10 lb Foam Machine
  • Attached 22ft cord
  • Covers a 15ft x 15ft area 3ft high.
  • 15.4 amps total with pump and machine.
  • Standard 120v
  • SOLUTION SAVER (uses half the amount of solution compared to large foam machine)

Does not include stand. You may purchase Tripod stand here (Foamdaddy Accessories).

PLEASE NOTE: This does not include hose or mixing bucket for your foam solution. You will need to provide 50 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket with lid for storage and any standard garden hose.

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