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Foam Machine Rental Party Tips

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You've seen the images all over Insta of excited partygoers dancing and prancing, slipping and sliding in acres of colorful foam. You don't have to go to an exclusive club to have a foam party for any occasion, from birthdays to graduations and beyond. When it's time to celebrate something special, use these foam rental party tips to plan the ultimate foam party at your venue of choice.

Foam Rental Party Tips For Success

1. Pick a Foam Party Event Location

Wherever you are considering throwing a foam party, Foamdaddy can help. Foamdaddy foam machine rentals are available in all states across the U.S. and worldwide.

Outdoor party venues

Outdoor foam parties make clean-up a snap, so it's best to plan this type of gathering in the warmer months. Spreading plastic sheets around the area where you'll place your foam machine rental can protect the grass and help the bubbles last. Avoid putting foam on a hard surface either inside or out so your guests won't get hurt if they slip and fall.

Indoor party venues

For indoor foam parties, remove all the furniture from the room where you'll set up the foam machine. Cover the entire floor in plastic sheets to help prevent water damage and secure the edges firmly with duct tape. If you plan to rent an indoor space for your foam party, make sure you get permission from the property manager before bringing in a foam machine.

You don't have to limit your foam party to a special event - learn how to have a foam party for any occasion! The outdoor setting of this bash is ideal for entertaining kids of all ages at summer camps and daycare centers. You can also schedule a foam machine rental complete with a bouncing castle for your upcoming community event or festival.

2. Map Out Your Foam Party Space

Once you have your location locked down, you should sketch a floor plan to maximize the use of your indoor or outdoor space. Some tips to consider when planning the best flow for foam parties:

  • Keep electrical equipment far from the foam area. Whether you plan to hire a DJ or set up a table with your laptop and favorite playlists, place the music away from the bubbles to avoid damaging your expensive tech gear.
  • Food should also be far from the foam area. You might want to place snacks and beverages in a separate room if space allows (the garage for an outdoor party, for example).
  • Set up a seating area so guests can take a break from the dance floor. Plastic tables and chairs can't get ruined by stray solutions, so they make a good buffer zone between the food and the foam machine.
  • If you're planning a foam party for kids, consider adding a foam pit or castle to your rental space. These inflatables are not only a blast, but they also keep the kiddos and the bubbles contained in one safe, mess-proof space.

3. Book A Foam Machine Package

While some decide to go the DIY route for foam parties, online recipes for making home foam with dish soap can irritate your guests’ skin. Dish-soap solution can sting the eyes and even cause skin reactions. Instead, order a foam machine party package rental with hypoallergenic, safe foam solution for the best results with your bubbles.

Make sure you know how many people you plan to invite to your foam party before selecting your machine rental. Most basic foam machines cover a 20-by-20' space, which can comfortably and safely accommodate about 25 children or 15 adults. If you have more guests, you'll need a larger foam cannon, or you could set up several rentals strategically around the party area.

4. Invite Your Guests

You can send old-fashioned paper invitations or go with an electronic invite, but make sure your guests know what to expect at a foam party before they arrive on the day of your bash.

The most important item? Appropriate footwear.

Flip-flops seem like a natural choice, but they actually won't fly because they are so easy to lose in the billowing foam. They can also result in injuries since they don't protect the feet or provide traction on the slick surface. For best results, tell your friends and family members to wear rubber-soled shoes such as Crocs or sneakers. Rain boots could even be a fun choice for little ones!

Pool parties are popular with foam, so in this case, you want to remind guests to wear their swimsuits. Even if you don't have a swimming pool, swimwear can also work for the foam portion of the event. Otherwise, ask people to wear casual clothing that they don't mind getting a bit dirty or wet. Recommending a change of clothes also makes sense, particularly for little ones.

5. Put Foam Party Safety First

Slipping and sliding across the floor looks like fun, but your guests could end up with bruises, bumps, and broken bones. Remind partygoers to stay safe during your soiree. If they collide with one another, they could end up with neck, back, and head injuries.

In addition to safety instructions, avoid the risk of cuts by trading glassware for plastic plates and cups. If you serve beverages, stick to plastic or paper containers instead of glass, which can shatter into shards on the dance floor and end the fun instantly.

6. Stash Smartphones and Devices

As your guests enter the party, show them to a designated zone where they can safely store smartphones, electronic devices, and other valuables. Clothing can get wet during a foam party, so a phone forgotten in someone's pocket can quickly become damaged by the moisture. If your entire party is outdoors, consider a large plastic tote with a lid, so everything stays dry.

When you have your complete party plan in place, contact FoamDaddy for your high-quality foam machine rental with simple, hassle-free delivery before your birthday party or event. Our standard foam machine rental package can cover your 20'-square party area with foam for four full hours.

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