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Foam Machine Reservior

Foam Machine Reservoir

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Foam Machine Reservoir Tank

Struggling to fit a plastic reservoir tank into your car to travel to an event is now a thing of the past! This is a fully collapsible water tank that will reduce storage and shipping costs and take minutes to assemble, no tools required.  It really couldn’t be more simple. 50-gallon foam machine reservoir.

Foam Machine Reservoir Details:

• Fully collapsible 
• Fold away into one compact box 
• Lightweight and durable 
• Easy to ship and store 
• No tools required for assembly 
• Fits where other reservoirs cannot go

This only weighs 8 pounds and can be moved with you to any event extremely easily. 


Foamdaddy Foam Machine Rental & Shipping

When renting a Foamdaddy foam machine package the process is seamless. We will ship the machine to your location before your event, arriving 2-3 days prior for testing and knowledge of operation. After your event you will be required to drop the machine off at your local UPS shipping location by using the shipping label provided by Foamdaddy, you will need to print this shipping label from your email.

For more information, please contact us.