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Foam Party Rentals in Nashville, TN

Foam at Foam Party in Nashville, TN

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As you read this article, you'll learn the following about about Nashville foam parties:

  • Why they're so popular
  • How you can use them to earn money
  • What equipment you will need to host one

Foam parties are sweeping the nation and Nashville, TN, is no exception. Photos on social media have made these unique events and experiences increasingly popular as people see the possibilities and want to get in on the fun. There's also a draw for party planners and entertainment organizations to jump on the bandwagon as the clamor for bubble and foam events increases.

So, what do you need to know about throwing a foam party in Nashville? Here's a comprehensive guide to organizing your foam pit party, from questions about the foam itself to places you can rent bubble cannons.

Foam Machines For Rent / For Sale

Throwing a Nashville Foam Party

Nashville, TN, is the perfect place to hold a foam party because there are so many venues. While people in other parts of the country stick to their backyards, there are plenty of clubs and parks to serve as the backdrop for your event in Nashville. Many venues are starting to offer a bubble machine experience to keep up with demand.

So, what exactly happens at a foam party? What is the foam made of? Let's go over the basics.

Foam Pit Dance Party Entertainment

The first foam party took place 35 years ago in Ibiza, Spain. The fad started in clubs as special events; the dance floor was flooded with bubbles as loud music and flashing lights filled the air. Many famous people attended these events, including Paris Hilton, which contributed to their popularity in the U.S.

Today, foam parties are still held in nightclubs, but they've also made their way into the mainstream. These events are a common birthday party pick or used for family reunions, and even school events. They can take place inside or outside, be the center of attention, or be one of many attractions. However, the things every foam party has in common are foam and fun.

Is the Foam Safe?

Our foam is completely safe for both people and the environment. It won't irritate skin and is water-soluble, so you can easily rinse it off or dissolve it with a hose. If left alone, the foam will dissolve into harmless liquid, evaporating or absorbing into the ground with no problems.

Please note that once the foam dissolves, it does become slippery, so advise guests to take care. Think of it like pool rules: Don't run and watch where you're going.

Foam Party Accessories for a Personalized Experience

Playing in foam is fun on its own, but you can take your event to the next level by adding accessories.

  • Inflatable party pit
  • Black lights
  • Foam coloring
  • Foam glow solution

These fun party extra touches are just what you need to spread the word about your amazing hosting skills.

Popularity of Foam Parties in Nashville

So, what is it that draws people to a foam party in Nashville? While bubbles are usually associated with children, people of all ages can have a great time at a foam pit party. Some places that offer these upcoming events are even limited to the 21-and-above crowd.

What's the appeal? There's definitely some nostalgia since most people played with bubbles as kids, but the novelty and cooling effect also play a role.

Great Way To Cool Off in the Summer

One reason you might throw a foam party in Nashville is to beat the heat. Foam is predominantly made of water, and when it dissolves, the people playing in it get wet. As a result, we recommend wearing bathing suits.

Water parties are a common occurrence during the summer as people look for simple ways to cool off. Foam parties take the idea to the next level with foam pits, foam slip-and-slides, and the greatest game of hide-and-seek you've ever played.

Perfect Option for Birthdays

If someone has a spring or summer birthday, a foam party may be the perfect way to celebrate. Our color additives mean you can change the foam to match a theme, while our foam pits combine two of the greatest party features: bubbles and bounce houses.

Making Money With Foam Parties in Nashville

Did you know you can make money by throwing a foam party in Nashville? While we don't advise charging admission to your backyard, you can use a foam party as an attraction for fundraisers. If you're an event organizer or venue owner, you can use it to attract more clientele.

Start Your Own Party Rental Business

Hold a Fundraiser

If you're looking for a way to raise funds for a good cause, charging admission to a foam party in Nashville is a great idea. You can arrange it as a solo event or offer it as one of many fun activities in a greater fundraising effort.

Add Foam Parties To Your Enterprise's Offerings

Do you own a venue that offers space for large gatherings? Do you provide event hosting services? In both cases, you can expand your customer base by offering foam parties.

By buying your own foam machines, you can set up a bubble party whenever you like. As a venue, you can rent equipment to clients, and as a host, you can sell your foam party expertise.

Throwing a Foam Party With FoamDaddy

Now that you're well-versed in what foam parties can do, how can you hold your own in Nashville, TN? Well, you first have to get the right equipment.

There are many types of foam-generating machines, so you need to determine which best fits your needs. To do so, answer the following questions:

  • How many people will be at the event?
  • How big of an area do you want to fill with foam?
  • Do you want the foam to fall from above, or will a ground-level machine do?
  • Do you want high piles of bubbles or more ground coverage?

Once you've got the answers, you can narrow down your search. The good news is that Foamdaddy has many models so that you can find the perfect option.

Party & Event Packages

Foamdaddy offers several packages with everything you need to host your foam party in Nashville. These bundles ensure you have the proper machines, enough gel for your runtime, and any stands or accessories you require for customization.

Foam Machine Sales & Rentals in Nashville

Our foam machine rentals in Nashville vary in size and power and range from hand-held to requiring a stand. When you rent from Foamdaddy, we send you the equipment a few days ahead of your event date so you can get accustomed to how it works and verify that everything is in tip-top shape.

You can buy any of the equipment we offer as rentals. Buying a machine means you can use it as frequently as you like without having to wait on shipping.

Foam Machines For Rent / For Sale

If you're planning to throw a foam party in Nashville, it's time to contact FoamDaddy. We have all the foam machines and accessories you need to host an event your guests will never forget. To see our selection or place your order, visit our website or call us at 1-888-731-4415.

Image Source: Vera Larina / Shutterstock