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Professional  Automatic Bubble Machine

Professional Automatic Bubble Machine

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  • Wireless / Remote Control
  • Dreamy Atmosphere Creator: Large high-velocity fan makes bubbles rise quickly in the air to create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere for kids' birthday parties, stages, weddings, etc.
  • Fast Bubble Generating: High-performance rotor rotating helps to generate thousands of bubbles per minute, running stably and reliably.
  • Easy to Control: Easily controlled by manual
  • Durable to Use: Constructed in rugged metal housing, it's Wearable to use indoors and outdoors.
  • Portable Design: Equipped with a detachable handle and lightweight design, portable for convenient use.
  • This is not a foam machine, this machine creates single bubbles. 
  • Solution not included. Can be used with any standard bubble solution.

Bubble Machine Rental & Shipping

When renting a Foamdaddy foam machine package or bubble machine the process is seamless. We will ship the machine to your location before your event, arriving 2-3 days prior for testing and knowledge of the operation. After your event you will be required to drop the machine off at your local UPS shipping location by using the shipping label provided by Foamdaddy, you will need to print this shipping label from your email.

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