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Foam Parties in North Carolina

Foamdaddy featuring foam parties in North Carolina

Everyone loves a good party, and one of the best ways to keep things exciting for your guests is to try new, innovative ways to celebrate. In the age of social media, adding interesting visuals to your party is all the rage. One way to keep things dynamic visually while providing an interactive medium is to throw a foam party. Throwing a foam party in North Carolina is a great way to give guests of all ages something different to enjoy than the standard party decorations and themes. With modern foam technology, renting a commercial-grade machine that is simple to operate and provides amazing results is easier than ever.

Foam Parties in Charlotte, NC

Although adding a foam machine to your event has become popular across the country, foam parties in Charlotte, NC, are particularly on the rise. The increase in popularity is largely due to the versatility of a foam party. If you're having a dance party with your friends, make it a memorable one by adding lights and foam to mimic a dance club. If the party is for the kids, let them run amuck in bubble mazes. In hot weather, foam bubbles make a great addition to the sprinklers and slip-n-slides for the most fun water party you can imagine. Party organizers in Charlotte have already begun to recognize the exciting addition a foam machine can make to any fun event.

Popularity of Foam Parties in North Carolina

While it's true that foam parties in Charlotte, NC, have become all the rage, this trend extends to other areas of the state as well. Party organizers have begun to add foam machines to a variety of event settings, and the practice has been steadily gaining traction in several other areas of the state, including Raleigh, Greensboro, and Fayetteville. More areas of the state are sure to follow once word spreads of this exciting experience.

Having a Foam Party in NC

Once you've decided that you want to give a foam party a try, your next step is the actual planning of the event. In addition to the normal party planning responsibilities, adding in a foam machine can involve a little bit of additional prep. If you plan to hold your party outdoors, this step is easy. The water-soluble foam can be used at a park, campground, backyard, or any other outdoor space. If you choose an indoor venue, you have more things to consider. You should make sure the space is not carpeted since the area will become wet from the foam. Floors can also become slippery with the foam bubbles, so make sure your guests are using caution.

During your party planning, you also need to make sure the foam equipment is the right size for the area. A too-large machine can produce too much foam for the square footage, while one that is too small won't provide enough. An experienced foam machine rental company can let you know which one is right for you if you provide a description of your venue, including the square footage dedicated to the foam party.

North Carolina Foam Party Rental Packages

Foamdaddy offers several foam machine packages for your foam event in North Carolina:

We also offer custom packages. No matter which you choose, you’ll get the Foamdaddy gel, foam solution, a foam machine, and applicable accessories.

Making Money With Foam Parties in NC

Due to the gain in popularity of foam machines, some party planning companies and event planners have started purchasing a machine to add to the menu of services. The addition of foam party services can help elevate a company to the next level by staying on-trend. Alternatively, you can rent a machine to throw a foam party fundraiser. This is a twist on the traditional fundraiser and can help you meet your goal.

How FoamDaddy Can Help

The experts at FoamDaddy can help you pull off the best foam party in North Carolina. The company services both residences and businesses to maximize the fun for everyone. Each party is unique, so FoamDaddy provides a variety of equipment and accessory options to make every rental meet your specific needs. To make sure everything goes off without a hitch, the equipment is ready to be set up and tested a few days in advance so you can make any necessary changes before your event begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

New customers who want to create an amazing foam party experience for their guests often have some initial questions. FoamDaddy's goal is to provide high-quality equipment and the best customer service throughout the entire process. You can contact FoamDaddy directly with any questions you have about setting up or operating the equipment or browse the FAQ for more information.

Where Can I Set Up the Foam Machines?

The short answer to foam machine set up locations is that you can set up a machine nearly anywhere. If you are setting up the machine indoors, it's helpful to have either a barricade or an inflatable foam pit for the foam to build. Outside areas are easy because you don't have to worry as much about containing the foam. Many customers choose to add a machine to an existing slip-n-slide or water slide. The goal is to find an area that can handle several feet of foam for your guests to enjoy.

Is the Foam Safe?

New customers to the foam party world often worry about the environmental or physical impact of the foam. The foam used by FoamDaddy is safe for touch and the environment. It is made from 100% organic foam powder combined with a local water source. This mixture makes its way through the machine's system and produces an odorless and safe foam that is fun for everyone. The texture of the foam is soft and fluffy, so it does not stick to surfaces like some products with a sticky, tacky consistency. Clean-up is a breeze since the foam is water-soluble and easy to remove.

What Do I Need For My Foam Party?

The biggest necessity for throwing a foam party is providing a space that can be used to add a few feet of bubbles. Each machine also requires a hookup to a household outlet that is a minimum of 120V and 15 amps. The foam is created by mixing water with foam powders, so a water source is needed to constantly add water to the machine. A regular garden hose is perfect for this purpose. Other than these few necessities, FoamDaddy gives you everything you need to have a successful foam event.

Foam Machine Rental Charlotte, NC

If you are trying to decide if you want to throw a foam party in Charlotte, NC, or other areas of the state, FoamDaddy makes it easy. As the best location for a bubble machine rental in Charlotte, NC, FoamDaddy keeps this reputation by providing excellent, knowledgeable service and high-quality equipment in excellent working condition. The team provides customer support from the planning process all the way until the event is over and the equipment is ready to come back to the business. To reserve your foam machine or to learn about your custom options for rental, contact FoamDaddy today for more information.

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