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Turn your next party into a whimsical winter wonderland with a snow machine from FoamDaddy! Designed to produce artificial snow with a light, fluffy texture, our high-quality snow machines are available as both rentals and for sale. 

Why Rent A Snow Machine?

Perfect for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, weddings, company parties, and more, a snow machine is a perfect way to add a special something to any occasion. Guests can’t help but be reminded of their favorite childhood memories, and the snowy setting offers a beautiful backdrop for both candid and professional photographs. 

Capture the magic and wonder of a snowy day with an artificial snow machine, the key to hosting an event that your guests will always remember. Create some Fake Snow with us! Plus, you can even use a snow machine indoors to create a wintery aesthetic for your business or event.

Snow Machine Rentals - How to Rent a Snow Machine

All snow machines for rent from FoamDaddy include 4 hours of snow solution and everything you need to get started, ensuring a seamless party experience. We will deliver all items directly to your venue 2-3 days prior to the event.

Snow Machine Sales

If you are interested in purchasing a snow machine for personal or professional use, the models available from FoamDaddy are an excellent option, offering both value and high performance.

Snow Machine Solutions 

In addition to offering snow machines for rent and sale, FoamDaddy can also supply you with a snow machine solution. Our artificial snow machine solution is an ultra-concentrated foam, capable of creating approximately 15 gallons of snow solution once diluted. Bring some Fake Snow to your next party!

The FoamDaddy artificial snow solution is 100 percent biodegradable, non-staining, and free of fragrance or scent, with a hypoallergenic formulation that makes it safe for even sensitive skin. We’ve created a skin-friendly solution that requires no cleanup, eliminating common issues caused by lower-quality products.

Choosing the Right Snow Machine for Your Event or Party

Each of our snow machines provides a varying level of artificial snow output, with unique capabilities for distributing snow both upwards and outwards. It’s important to consider the size of your event, specifically the number of guests and the space available for snow. Also, the nature of your event can dictate the better-suited option, with our silent snow machine being ideal for weddings and more formal occasions. 

If you aren’t sure which snow machine is best for your event, we invite you to contact the FoamDaddy team at any time. We’ll work with you to determine the best-fit option, taking your specific needs and preferences into account.

Make Your Next Party Memorable with a FoamDaddy Snow Machine

FoamDaddy is a leading provider of snow and foam machines for events across the country, making it easy to rent or buy with convenient shipping options and top-quality machines. Every one of our snow machines is constructed for exceptional performance, durability, and safety, so you can be confident that you’re making a smart investment for your next event. Whether you opt to purchase or rent a snow machine, FoamDaddy is dedicated to going above and beyond to provide unmatched customer service and an excellent party experience. If you have any other questions, please Contact Us. 

Browse our selection of snow machines below to start planning a snowy celebration today!