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FoamDaddy TURBO nozzle for HD Stacker

FoamDaddy TURBO nozzle for HD Stacker

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Why would I want this?

Our normal HD Pro Stacker makes a huge amount of foam.  We always suggest around 30 - 40 people for a single cannon.  This is due to the maximum output of the HD Pro Stacker.  But, there might be times when you find the party is larger than you had planned.  Or maybe you like to make as much foam as possible and quickly as possible.  This upgrade helps that happen.

Doesn’t it go through the water/solution faster?

Yes, it does.  But, your foam output goes up as well.  During testing we found that 40 gallons of water/solution with a single nozzle last on average 15 – 20 minutes.  With the Turbo nozzles the same 40 last 10 – 13 minutes.

Is there a way to slow down the amount of solution going into the cannon?

Yes - We suggest just adding a standard ¾ garden hose value between your inlet from the sump pump to the cannon.  This allows you to really ramp up production if you want or dial it back if you have plenty of foam.  This helps you keep the parties safe, while also saving on the water/solution mix.

Is it difficult to switch out the single nozzle to a double?

No, it is really easy.  Simply remove the 4 screws holding the cannon is place.  Once the tube is completely off the machine unscrew the single nozzle head along with the grey plastic threaded piece.  Them install the double nozzle.  We have a video showing you the steps.

Is this upgrade needed for the large cannon.

No - the update is not needed for the large cannon.

Other advantages?

  • Even bigger FOAM output to help with those larger parties!
  • We have found there is no need to baffle the machine.
  • The “SNAKE” is much easier to accomplish without the need to add a bunch of extra ready-to-go solution.