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New Jersey Foam Parties With Foamdaddy

As you read this article exploring having foam parties in New Jersey, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Why foam parties are so easy to clean up after
  • Where you can get the equipment to throw your own foam party
  • Which venues are conducive to foam parties

Are you looking to host a fun, unique party that will get the neighborhood talking? Then the search is over; foam parties are the next big thing.

Also called bubble parties, these events offer fun to all ages through the power of foam cannons. A foam party is like being in the biggest bubble bath ever. Of course, the best part is being able to share the experience with friends and family.

NJ Foam Parties With Foamdaddy

Of course, to get foam, you need some equipment. Fortunately, Foamdaddy offers New Jersey foam machines rentals and sales nationwide. As the leading foam party equipment company, we are here to provide foam machines, products and services across the U.S. We even have accessories to make an event truly one of a kind.

Foam Glow Parties

What is a foam glow party? Foam is naturally white, but you can change the color by mixing our special additives into the original foam solution. One of our most popular additives is the UV Glow option, which makes foam glow under a blacklight.

This additive transforms the average bubble party into a neon wonderland. The fluffy mountains of foam glow green with purple and blue shadows, creating the perfect landscape for hide-and-seek or imaginary games of alien spaceships.

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are popular at kids’ parties, and it’s no surprise why: They’re fun, brightly colored, and add an extra layer of excitement to games such as tag. As it turns out, they’re also a great addition to bubble parties.

Foamdaddy offers inflatable foam pits that allow guests to bounce among a sea of foam. It’s a great way to section off the bubbly fun while offering something extra to attendees.

Colored Foam

In addition to Glow, we also offer color additives. That way, your foam can match your party theme. We also have gender reveal packets so you can announce your big news with a splash.

Foam Parties in New Jersey

So, what should you know about foam parties before you have one? First, the bubbles are non-toxic, so there’s no issue if they touch your skin. Second, they’re environmentally friendly and will eventually dissolve, making clean-up extremely easy.

How much foam can you expect? That depends on the equipment. However, even the smallest cannon can generate mountains of bubbles several feet tall.

Growing Foam Party Popularity in NJ

Foam parties are growing in popularity, and it’s at least partly due to social media. People love sharing photos of fields covered in bubbles while participants laugh, play, and dance.

Convention centers and other venues are hosting events that combine music, light shows, and foam cannons. Some clubs also host special events where attendees are showered with bubbles. It seems foam parties are gaining ground all over New Jersey.

Summer Fun

Water parties are a common occurrence during the summer, but what if you could take them to the next level? Since the foam dissolves into liquid, partygoers are sure to get wet, providing them with cooling relief from the heat. Foam can also be used on slides for an extra slippery ride. We recommend swimwear for bubble parties anyway, so why not throw in a kiddie pool or sprinkler for good measure?

Kids’ Parties

Everyone loves playing in heaps of bubbles, but the experience is especially attractive to kids. After all, wouldn’t you want to play in stacks of foam towering over your head? If your kiddo’s birthday is coming up, a foam party may be just the thing to celebrate.

Making Money With Foam Parties in New Jersey

From a business standpoint, foam parties are a great way to make money. For example, many venues charge a ticket price to participate in an all-day event. Of course, you can also generate revenue on a smaller scale.

Event Companies

Do you provide entertainment services for children’s birthday parties and other events? You could add to your offerings and potentially expand your client base with foam machines. As bubble parties become more popular, you may get customers expecting these services, so isn’t it better to invest now and get an edge on competitors?


Fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money for a great cause. Cities, non-profits, and even schools have organized festivals, exhibits, and raffles to earn money. The next time you’re planning a fundraising campaign, why not consider a foam party? It can be the main event or a minor attraction, but it’s sure to draw fun-loving individuals who are willing to contribute to a good cause.

Foam Party Venues in New Jersey

Pretty much anywhere can play host to a foam party, though if you’re looking at a public space, you should make sure to research necessary permits. You can have a bubble bash inside, but note that there may be a slipping hazard if the floor is slick. Your best bet is to have your event outside, where the liquid can absorb into the ground. Fortunately, many places can accommodate an outdoor gathering.


To throw the party of the year, you only need a backyard. Even if you have limited space, you can have an amazing experience.

Neighborhood Parks

If you clear it with the local HOA or municipality, a neighborhood park may be the perfect place for a foam party. The wide-open space means you can create an entire field of foam. The result is something you’ll definitely want to post on social media.

How FoamDaddy Can Help 

So you’re ready to start planning your foam party and aren’t sure where to start. The good news is, Foamdaddy has everything you need to make your big bash a success.

We offer a wide variety of equipment for both rent and sale. In addition to different cannon and jet sizes, we also sell foam gel, accessories, additives, and even foam-adjacent items such as snow machines. With so many things to choose from, you can create the party of your dreams.

NEW JERSEY foam Machine Rentals & Sales 

The bigger the cannon, the more powerful the foam stream. We have a model for practically every party size, including a few that fit nicely into backyards:

basic + custom foam party Packages

If you want to rent equipment for a single event, we can provide everything you need with our Foam Machine Packages. You can choose from standard packages such as the Kids Foam Machine Party Package or customize one of our other options.

Foamdaddy is proud to offer quality equipment for all your bubble party needs. We even have helpful videos outlining the setup and breakdown of equipment. If you’d like to learn more or find the right equipment for your event, give us a call at 1-888-731-4415 or contact us online.

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